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Spaghetti al Limone

In the dead of winter, after a long day, sometimes you want to come home to something warm and comforting. Spaghetti al Limone ticks all those boxes, plus it takes 20 minutes to make! I like using a long dried pasta such as spaghetti, bucatini, linguine, so the sauce really coats each strand.

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Apple Cider Cocktail

A little festive drink to kick off the season! The apple cider and ginger beer make it refreshing with a little spice. I definitely suggest getting a silicone ice cube maker to make 4 large cubes to pour your drink over. I also bought mini apples to slice to get the perfect sized garnish!

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A Summer Picnic with Dr Pepper

My absolute favorite thing to do come summer is pack up a picnic of my favorite things and head to the beach, a drive I take for granted because, as it is a 15 minute straight shot to the Pacific Ocean from my house. Last weekend, my sister and I gathered up our things and did just that, getting some beautiful weather and some delicious goodies to enjoy on the sand.

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