Everyday Jewelry


I have always been pretty minimalist when it comes to jewelry. I like simple, gold pieces that can be layered and worn together. What I have learned over the years is how jewelry really personalizes your style. Putting on your rings, a pair of earrings or a delicate necklace gives an outfit an individualized layer.



I always think a good pair of gold hoops work with any outfit. I like bold, chunky hoops when I want more of a look, but I love thin delicate ones in the evening. I also love a simple diamond stud. Here are a few earrings I love:



I love delicate rings. For the everyday, I wear a thin gold band of my Mom’s and a diamond Zoe Chicco ring from my sister. Sometimes I will add the signet ring from Miranda Frye for a bolder look.



I never take off my Adina Reyter diamond bar necklace. Lately I have been layering it with my Miranda Frye ‘C’ necklace . I have been eyeing the Pacharee Alphabet necklace, with an initial and tiny pearls along the chain. The key to laying necklace is using a layering tool, so the chains don’t get tangled.