Summer Picnic Essentials


One of my favorite things about summer time is embracing dining alfresco! Whether that is is eating in your backyard or packing up some treats and having a picnic. I have made a list of how I like to pack for a picnic!



  1. A baguette, for snacking with cheese and charcuterie, or for making sandwiches ahead of time and packing into the basket.

  2. Seasonal fruit like these incredible peaches from Frog Hollow Farm scooped up at the Farmers Market. Other favorites: apricots, plums, cherries, apples, grapes, or berries.

  3. A few cheeses, typically a soft version like a triple cream, brie or camembert and a harder sliceable cheese like robusta gouda, aged cheddar, or manchego.

  4. A selection of charcuterie or dry cured meats. Think prosciutto, soppressata, or dry sausage such as chorizo. I have them slice it thinly to be able to layer with cheese and crackers.

  5. An assortment of crackers. Something crunchy for the cheese. I love the La Panzanella crackers as well as the Raincoast Crisp ones. (I like the Fig & Olive version.)

  6. Jams, chutney or honey - A nice and sweet accompaniment to the cheese.

  7. Olives, cornichons or marcona almonds - I always like to have something salty and briny to cut through the cheeses.

  8. Some sweet treats for dessert such as cookies, tarts, or pastries.

  9. Bottles of Water - sparkling and flat .

  10. Cold white wine, or something sparkling such as prosecco.


  11. Picnic Basket - I love using market baskets as a picnic basket. I also am obsessed with these totes from Amazon, which I use when I go to the grocery store. They have a hard bottom which makes them great for carrying heavy things, but they also fold up.

  12. A picnic blanket. I love a washable linen blanket. This Jenni Kayne version is perfection.

  13. Linen Napkins - Yes you could bring a stack of paper napkins, but bring some linen napkins makes the picnic feel all the more special, plus it’s environmentally friendly. I love the linen napkins by Sur La Table.

  14. Ceramic bowls, Plates, and glasses | Using a few ceramic pieces to make a cheese plate or serve olives or nuts in. Again it makes it feel like an occasion!

IMG_5151 2.JPG