Vanity Essentials


Just a quick post to show some of the thing taking up space on my vanity!


Gjusta Goods Vintage Dishes

What is it about a vintage dish that instantly makes your jewelry look even better? I swooped this up at Gjusta Goods, a few doors down from Gjusta. I love this spot for beautiful ceramics, linen pieces, and vintage goods.

In Fiore Parfum Solide Haute Concentre in Fume D’ambre

I don’t wear a lot of fragrance, but I love the simplicity of this solid perfume. First, it isn’t in a heavy bottle, so it easy to slip into your bag without worrying about it spilling all over the contents of your bag. But mostly I like that is made of natural ingredients like beeswax and vanilla bourbon oil. It has a deep amber scent that delicately fades on the skin.

Susanne Kaufmann Hand Lotion

A lovely hand cream that moisturizes and softens hands, while smelling of bananas.

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

When you need a good dose of hydration, this facial mist is the key. Made up of natural ingredients such as aloe, vitamin e, chamomile, and many others, it is almost like a moisturizer in spritz form.

One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Oil

I love using this oil after dry brushing and a hot shower. It is made with papaya enzymes and shea oil, so it exfoliates while it hydrates leaving skin feeling smooth and radiant.