Weekend Notes

Last weekend, we took an impromptu road trip. We packed up the car, the kids (aka the dog) and headed 90 minutes east of Los Angeles to Palm Springs. One of the best reasons about living in California is being able to take a last minute outing to a myriad of places like Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Ojai, Los Olivos, etc. 

With the weather forecast looking like full sun and almost 80 degrees, it made for an easy excuse. I have been to Palm Springs a few times and usually stay at the Parker. But this time, with a 75 pound golden retriever in tow, we began looking around for an Air BNB. I will admit to being a bit snobbish at the thought of Air BNB. I don’t even have a good excuse as to why. While I love the idea of having more room to stretch out and not having to share a pool with a hotel full of guests, for some reason, the idea of staying in someone else’s home was a bit foreign to me.  

I ended up loving the whole experience and would definitely do it again. First, it was really nice to have the flexibility of a kitchen. We made margaritas, guacamole, and sat outside by the pool. In the morning, we woke up and made good cups of coffee (sorry but rarely is room service coffee as good as homemade!)  as well as a lovely breakfast which we had sitting outside surrounded by those beautiful San Jacinto mountains.  There was enough space for the dog to run around too so it all felt very relaxing. Count me in as a new Air BNB fan.  Napa Valley - you are next!