Clean Beauty


If you have followed me for any amount of time, you may have seen me mention clean beauty products over the years. 10 years ago, it was hard to find good, results-driven natural beauty products, but now “clean,” “green,”, and “non-toxic” are part of the modern day beauty vernacular. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I discovered The Detox Market. It carries an incredible selection of natural beauty brands and they now have expanded to Canada and New York. Below, I am sharing some of my all time favorite products.


Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial

This is a seriously powerful mask. It is made up 6 different acids including beta and alpha hydroxy acids. As a regular acid user, I was slightly overconfident when I tried this mask the first time. It says leave on for up to 3 minutes. I put it on and walked around the house despite the active tingling feeling, for 10 minutes or so. Let’s just say I may have looked like Samantha in Sex and the City when she got the chemical peel. Luckily it went away pretty quickly and I learned to read the instructions more carefully.

What I love about this mask is how truly INSTANT it is. Now I leave it on for a minute , and you have the softest, brightest skin immediately. I appreciate a fast-acting mask, that gives you results, especially when you’re trying to quickly get out the door.

This little tub has lasted me ages, considering how little you need for application. I highly recommend.


Tata Harper

I have been a longtime fan of Tata Harper. She was a pioneer in creating natural beauty products in the luxury category. I always recommend people to start with one of her cleansers. I like them all, especially the Regenerating Cleanser that smells like juicy oranges, has gentle exfoliants, and leaves skin feeling fresh. I also love her Resurfacing Mask for a glowy boost and the Hydrating Floral Essence which is a great facial mist for a mid-day pick up or to finish with after makeup.


Detox Mode Altogether Oil

I am a lazy body moisturizer. I just don’t enjoy the process of getting out of the shower and being freezing cold, and then needing to add in another step into my routine. But the Detox Market Body Oil has been a game changer. The spray bottle makes it so easy to spritz all over in a minute. It is made of jojoba and macadamia oils, and smells uplifting and citrusy.


Pursoma Resurrection Bath

We all know the benefits of epsom and magnesium salts to detox and relax the body, the Pursoma bath salts take it to a new level. You use the entire contents for one bath. It comes with 2 baths that you mix together of French Green Clay and French Grey Sea Salt. Pursoma encourages you to disconnect and soak for 20-30 minutes. After you’re done, you are supposed to rest under a blanket or robe, as your body continues to detoxify.

It serves as a nice way to treat yourself and relax along with some good health benefits.


This post was done in collaboration with The Detox Market. (All thoughts and opinions my own.)