Warm Weather Things


Sunkissed skin. Warm evenings. Cold glass of Sancerre. Cool linen. Sweet buttery corn. Syrupy peaches. All things that signal that summer is here. 

A little roundup of some carefully selected things I have been loving. 


I have made my life simple layering these beautiful pieces from Miranda Frye. I love these simple gold hoops. They are small but chunky and pair with everything. As does this double-sided Paris charm necklace, which I love with a plain T-Shirt or even a bikini. 


Hoop Earrings | Miranda Frye 

Necklace | Miranda Frye



I have long been intrigued by this non-toxic brand, and after running out of my usual cleanser, I picked up this Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser up on a whim at Violet Grey. I could not be more pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying this! It has a lightweight gel texture that really cleans skin and leaves it feeling bouncy and fresh. The best part is it smells of summer strawberries and can double as a mask when left on for 5 minutes prior to washing. All in all, sold on this one! 

I am ashamed that I did not know of Diana Henry before since she is a very prominent British food writer. Not only is this book's photography perfection, but Diana's words transport you to the places and meals she so brilliantly describes. I would read her writing even if it wasn't in cookbook form, but her mouth watering recipes make me happy that it is. How to Eat a Peach, is my favorite chapter in which the book is named for. She describes her first time in Italy and how a simple beautiful peach dropped into fruit glasses covered with cold moscato is as desired as a complicated patisserie. Her mindset towards ingredients and cooking is right up my alley. 

IMG_7772 2.jpg

I am sensitive to scents and frankly I rarely wear anything to perfumey. I really enjoy naturally derived fragrance, so In Fiore Parfum Solide in Fumée D'Ambre, was right up my alley. I tried this on one evening at an event and Ioved how it stayed with me until I got home. It is subtle, but also has a rich depth. It is has a gentle sweetness from the amber and vanilla, but is more complex from the vetivier and hint of smokiness. Foe me, it smells like warm summer skin, it has a lingering effect which will have somebody asking you , but you wont tell. wanting moreI Most importantly, you can control the level of scent due to it being a solid, versus a giant spritz from a bottle. The beautiful bronze compact completes its perfection.


Hot, humid, temperatures make me not want to wear much else besides cool cottons and breezy linens. I love these button shorts as an alternative to denim shorts. I plan on wearing it with a white denim jacket, my favorite straw hat, and a net bag. 


My hair gets so dry in the summer, so I make sure to incorporate some power player products into my regular routine. 


I love Playa's haircare line, but I had yet to try their Ritual oil. This is a blend of apricot, kukui, coconut, and sunflower oils to deeply repair the hair. I love to use on the ends before I let hair dry. Otherwise, I like to use a few droppers on dry hair at night before rinsing in the morning or as a protective coating on the beach. It also smells ridiculously delicious. 


These are two summer must-haves in my routine. First is the Philip Kingsley Coconut Breeze Elasticizer. I apply this to damp hair pre-shampoo or wear overnight. It adds elasticity back into the hair so it doesn't break, which is especially important with colored hair. I am trying to get my hair back to good health and this has been a necessary step. Plus it ticks off all the summer marks as it smells of coconut and jasmine. I also have been liking the Philip Kingsley Exfoliating Scalp Mask. This get's rid of any product buildup all while soothing any irritation. I find I really turn to these exfoliating scrubs in the summer when your hair is constantly being exposed to harsher elements. Healthy scalp, healthy hair. 


I am on. a serious book kick. I just finished Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. I highly recommend it. It has great writing and you are engaged the whole time, I could not wait to finish it. I just started The Ensemble by Aja Gabel. It is about friendship and the cutthroat world of musicinas and I am really enjoying so far. What books are you reading? I would love to know to any to add to my summer list!