How to Get Out of a Creative Rut


The thing I find most stressful about blogging is the pressure to always be coming up with new content. Some months I have a constant stream of ideas, while others I feel uninspired. Here a few things I do when I am in a creative rut. 

Take A Step Back 

Sometimes you need a break to clear your head before diving back in. With a constant stream of information, imagery, ads being forced upon us on a daily basis, no wonder you start to feel burnt out. I never want to feel like content is forced as it takes away from what people like about your personal style. I think it is completely okay to take a break when you are feeling creatively depleted to re-energize. 

Be Curious

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 9.20.09 AM.png

I was lucky to have a mother who exposed me to all things : music, art, travel, food, reading. For me, nothing gets me more motivated then being exposed to something completely new to me. I think this is is an important rule for life. If you are stuck in your own little circle, you never get the opportunity to see other points of views. I find this most in my friends who are from all different walks of life, different ages, different professions. I also have been taking a Beekeeping class in Los Angeles, something that I have wanted to do for a long time!


When I am lucky enough to travel, I find that it is one of the top things that get me excited to create new content! Blogging fine tunes your eye to different aspects of a place whether it’s beautiful architecture, different people, maybe a new language. I love creating a photo diary that I can look back at years from now. Plus I am constantly updating my own city guide with a new restaurant or museum that is a must-see! 

Look for Inspo

Whether its a magazine, Pinterest, or some of my favorite daily blogs that I like to follow, I am always finding inspiration. I love seeing how a look is styled in the latest issue of Porter magazine or scrolling through endless Pinterest mood boards. If I am doing a recipe post, I like to look up whatever I am making on Pinterest to see what I like and don’t like to help me form what I think will look best. 

Listen to your Audience

Lastly I like to ask my audience what they would like to see. I recently did a poll on Instagram asking whether they would like to see Skincare or Hair Essentials or my favorite places in LA. People also DM’d me some other suggestions of things they like to see. I think that is the best part being able to interact and have a dialogue!