Morning Ritual

I like the act of little morning rituals to help set up your day. My routine consists of waking up and making a cup of good strong coffee to get me going. Not a giant watery pot, but just one very deliberate and calculated cup. Coffee lovers may be able to relate, but I go to bed dreaming of my morning coffee and the simple routine to ensure a perfect cup.

You know when you go into a specialty coffee shop and the baristas are standing there pouring to make just one cup of coffee, they are using the the pour over method. Without looking any deeper, it may seem like a lot of fuss, but the whole process takes 2-3 minutes for a delicious cup of coffee, you won’t want it any other way.


Steps to the Perfect Cup of Coffee

  1. Place pour-over dripper onto mug. 

  2. Place coffee filter into dripper and add ground coffee. I typically use around 3 heaped tablespoons, enough to fill it half way to two-thirds full, depending on how strong you like your coffee. 

  3. Meanwhile, heat water. When boiling, slowly pour over the dripper and allow it to drip through before adding more water. I like to stir it occasionally to make sure the grounds aren’t compacting at the bottom. 

  4. Drink as is, or add whatever you typically like: cream, milk, sugar, etc.