Quick Trip to NYC


A quick trip to New York last week was just what the doctor ordered. The weather was cool at first, but by the end of the week warmed up to 53 degrees and tough New Yorkers were barely wearing coats. I have been to New York many times in my life, but this was the least stressed I ever felt in terms of knowing my way around the city. Whenever I am in New York, it is all about the food. First stop was a feast at Rubirosa for pasta and vodka pizza. Other favorites include Aria Wine Bar in the West Village, life-changing ramen at Ivan Ramen, dim sum at TimHoWan, and classics like the Waverly Inn. The highlight was going to Smalls Jazz Club, a tiny basement room where The Humanity Quartet played and felt transported to a different time.

I didn't know if my now-thinned New England blood would fail me once I got to New York, so I packed layers and more layers. I basically wore a cashmere sweater and jeans everyday, with this teddy coat over it ( I got stopped 10 times to ask where it was from!) But I also had a style awakening to the turtleneck. I love this one by Velvet by Graham & Spencer. The key is in the fabric being thin. My all black outfit was sort of a revved up version of Audrey Hepburn's iconic dance scene in Funny Face. The ballet flats were replaced by booties, and black cigarette pants were replaced by some leather leggings, and now that I am thinking about it, maybe the only common theme was the turtleneck, but you see where I am going with this. Take a look below at a few of my New York essentials.