Effortless, Undone Hair

Ultimately at the end of the day, my favorite look is effortless, piecey, sexy, undone hair. Now you and I know it's not entirely effortless, so I thought I would break down how I achieve this look using some of my top products with minimal heat styling. 

I try to shampoo and condition my hair every third day. Depending on my hair's needs at the time, I will choose the product accordingly. I prefer sulfate-free products as it doesn't strip the hair of oils or fade color faster. For daily use, I switch between Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo and Conditioner (that coconut smell!) and Christophe Robin Antioxidant Cleansing Milk and Conditioner, which revitalizes color and makes hair  feel the softest. 


Every once and awhile, I like to use some treatment products. If I feel like my hair has been styled a lot with product, I am loving IGK Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub. It uses apple cider vinegar to clarify and rebalance hair and scalp, plus I really like the minty smell. (Men will love this too!) If I want hair to be extra shiny, I will use IGK Expensive Hi-Shine Topcoat, as the conditioning step. This gives the look of a salon gloss at home, it really makes hair look like it was freshly colored! Lastly as an ultra moisturizing treatment, I will use Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender. This is a heavenly balmy oil that sinks in deeply, transforming dry hair, especially highlighted or over-processed strands. I wear this overnight, on the beach, or sometimes I will put in my hair pre-workout class, so I can rinse out after when I shower. Plus I really love the lavender smell! 

When it comes to styling hair, I have become a lot less fussy lately. Summer months allow for hair to air dry especially with the help of IGK Rich Kid Coconut Gel. I have talked about this before, but I do this step without fail, adding a nickel sized amount to damp hair, makes strands dry more quickly with a natural texture. If I am taking it a step further, I will add Christophe Robin Instant Volumizing Mist with Rose Water. Besides the divine smell, this spray is very lightweight, gives an oomph, without weighing hair down. If blow drying, I will use my old faithful Ibiza Round Brush, adding a bit of volume and smoothness all over. 

If I want just a touch more texture, I will take big section of hair and casually place them around an iron, winding backwards. I always leave ends out, and shake a little loose while still warm so it doesn't look too perfect. I will then mist IGK Beach Club Texture Spray for that final piecy, sexy, "I don't care," hair. 

Second day hair, I may add a bit of Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo, a french pharmacy cult classic, and brush through with a Mason Pearson Hair Brush. These last a lifetime, my grandmother gave mine to me when I was little. Its a worthwhile investment. To play up waves, I may mist Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray into ends. It adds a bit of life back into hair and plays up that messy beach look. I also like their Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray, which adds a touch of shimmer and shine. 

When all else fails, I slip on a silk scarf or wear a straw hat and people will think you are just as chic!