5 Tips for Radiant Skin


It’s October, the weather becomes cooler, indoor heating replaces air-conditioning, and as a result, skin naturally becomes more dry, lackluster, and dull. 

To prevent this from happening, I thought I would share my 5 tips for radiant skin. 


1. Exfoliate

 My number one tip! Exfoliation is key to remove dead skin cells. I switch between Aveeno Postively Radiant Skin Brightening Scrub and the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads. I prefer to use the scrub in the morning for a pick-me-up in the shower and to gently exfoliate any leftover product or oils from my nighttime routine. In the evening, I prefer the textured pads because they are better for removing makeup. Both products are non-comedogenic and oil-free. 

2. Spot Treatment

After summer, I am starting to notice a few leftover sun spots, even with my adamant application of SPF(grrr!) In the morning, I have been applying Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector on specific spots to help them fade. I then apply my regular SPF to make sure they don't darken further. 

3. Moisturize

I know this step is obvious, but I need the reminder! I am not one of those people that jumps out of the shower and diligently applies lotion all over. But lately,  I have been consistent with a routine of dry brushing pre-shower and then applying the Aveeno Positively Radiant Body Lotion. It gives a nice glow and a smooth texture. 

4. Drink Water

An apple a day and more water is what the doctor prescribes! How often do we hear to drink more water? I am the worst when it comes to this. But I do notice what a difference it makes in my skin and daily energy when I am continually drinking water throughout the day. I like adding lemon, mint or cucumber to make it feel like spa water. 

5. Eat Healthy Fats

Incorporating healthy fats found in foods such as avocado, wild salmon, coconut oil, olives and nuts, keep skin hydrated, plump, and helps stabilize blood sugar and balance hormones, helping to prevent breakouts!  

I picked my Aveeno products up at Rite Aid, where they are offering that if you spend $20 towards any Aveeno products, you get 800 Plenti Points(their Rewards program) which is $8 off! 

This post is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and ShopStyle.