A Hair Story

I moved to Los Angeles, 6 years ago! Gasp! (In the blink of an eye. It’s gone by so fast.) After I settled in, there were a few very very VERY important things to tick off. Besides finding my local coffee shop and magazine stand, the looming question was, who would do my hair now? I am sure anyone who has moved can relate, and so started my journey in the land of California blondes and sun kissed highlights. It landed me at the door of a prestigious, celebrity heavy salon. While I initially met with the hairdresser to the stars, he suggested I go with rising talent, Chase Kusero. Not sure what to expect : a tattooed, high cheek-boned, guy with locks that any woman would envy, came over to me and started discussing my hair and what he thought. It was love at first cut and color. He has been with me ever since and one of my closest friends in Los Angeles. 6 years on,  I couldn’t be more proud of his incredible product line that has just launched exclusively at Sephora. Chase, along with his 3 partners, Frank, Leo, and Aaron, present IGK, the new generation of haircare along with three salons based in LA, NY, and Miami. For 2 years, they have worked tirelessly on the formulation (I got to be a guinea pig!) and have taken traditional hair products to the next level, with lightweight textures and innovative technology that create the kind of effortless hair you want to have at all times. (The instagrammable packaging doesn't hurt either.) The products take inspiration from the cities of the stylists: Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, each with its own sexy and complicated scent. 

Chase and I shot a tutorial for Sephora using 3 products to create a Lived In Texture look, so stay tuned! We barely used any heat and I had messy beach waves by the end. 

A Few Favorites: 

IGK Down & Dirty Spray | Hands down my favorite. This gives hair the sexy, messy bedhead we all want. Similar in concept to the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray, I much prefer this as it is much more fine and light, making overuse impossible.  It marries shine with a matte finish. 

Rich Kid Coconut Gel | The first product they worked on. This takes the concept of coconut oil, without the grease. It is lightweight and perfect to add to damp hair and allow to air dry. The result is undone, supermodel hair. 

Broken Dreams Texture Paste | Great for men and women, I take a pea sized amount, warm it into hands and piece out freshly blow dried hair. I also use it to tame any baby hairs. 

Call Time Styling Primer | A finely misted detangling spray that rehydrates overworked dry hair. 

Smoke & Mirrors Cleansing Oil | A revolutionary concept, a conditioning cleansing oil. I honestly didn’t know how I was going to feel about this one until I tried it. You take 2 pumps massage into hair and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Rinse away and you are left with cleansed but hydrated hair. It works! 

If you get a chance to try them out, would love to know your thoughts.

Available at Sephora now.