Summer Favorites

I refuse to take the bait and start posting anything fall! It is summer. Listen nobody loves fall fashion more than me, but take it easy. What do all those new agers say? Live in the moment? Yeah do that. Hence, here is some of my summer favorites I have been loving and will continue to love for the upcoming weeks.


Straw Hat

A hat is a summer essential and I know these ones by Janessa Leone are a splurge. But all you need is one! She nails it with the quality, color, and shape. Her hats look beautiful, there is a big difference between a mass produced hat and her handmade ones.

Beach Blankets

These beach blankets have been a lifesaver this summer. They are lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and dry quickly. I have especially been loving the moroccan prints.

Lace Up Sandals

Sandals are tricky, they are just so ugly sometimes. The lace up sandal adds a bit of sex appeal along with comfort. 

Beauty Favorites

I love an easy summer beauty routine: tinted Moisturizer, bronzer and a nude lipstick. Done! I don’t often use up a lipstick, but Tom Ford Revolve Around Me has been scraped to the very bottom. I have also been indulging in some self tanning with the help of Vita Liberata’s Phenomenal Mousse. It literally takes 5 minutes to rub all over with a self tanning mitt. This formulation is natural and without that horrible burnt sugar scent.

Home Essentials

Hot days call for Harney & Sons Peach Iced Tea, while warm evenings call for a summer scented candle like the one by Nest Fragrances in Corsica.