5 Minute Makeup

Hi all, Hope you had a great weekend! I had a work weekend where I prepped and shot a feature  in the magazine Where Women Cook. I prepared several recipes, styled a dinner table, as well as they shot my kitchen and some of my favorite things. I am very excited to see the outcome! Anyway, onto my latest beauty find, a 5 minute makeup look. Charlotte Tilbury has done it again with her latest release, a numbered palette for the woman on the go! I really love this for days I want a natural and fresh makeup look. Here is what I do to achieve this: 

  1. Start with my foundation and concealer per usual and move onto the eyes. I
  2. I will casually sweep (1) Brighten all over the lid and brow bone, (2) Enhance on the lid, and (3) Smoke in the crease and along the lower lash line. Finish off with a lash curler and mascara.
  3. I then dip into (4) Bronze (aka her famous Filmstar Bronze n' Glow and (7) Highlight. 
  4. Dip my into the (5) Swish more along the cheekbone and (6) Pop on the apple.
  5. Finish with some lipstick or gloss.

The colors are very subtle, but I do like that it is easy and great for touch ups on the go. If the colors are too subdued for you, I heard through the grapevine that they are coming out with a more vibrant palette for Summer.