A Guide to Gift Wrapping

To embrace my west coast roots now, I decided to let that guide my theme for how I wrapped presents this year. While I do love a little bit of satin and glitter, I went in the opposite direction and went for a more natural and rustic look. Simple is sometimes best, read my easy tips on how to achieve this look. 


1. Choose brown or white wrapping paper. Use double stick tape to create an invisible sealant. 

2. Twine, cotton twill, are great to wrap with. Switch between bows on top and tying string around the bottom of the package. I like each package having a different variation. 

3. Finish packages with  a sprig of fresh cut greens such as pine, olive branches, seeded eucalyptus, rosemary, or boxwood. I also love a dried citrus slice or paper white flower as a final accent.