Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick

As a blogger, it is my duty, my responsibility, my absolute obligation, to report when I find something fabulous. Or it may just be my excuse to purchase yet another nude lipstick? 

But alas, the Butter Cream Lipstick by Bite Beauty is simply divine and unique for certain reasons. Each bullet is hand-cut to remove the waxy outer layer to reveal the innermost creamy core. The lipstick is infused with food grade ingredients including five moisturizing butters: lavender, pomegranate, shea, almond, and chamomile. This creates the basis for the creamiest textured lipstick available in 8 universally flattering shades.  

This lipstick has become my addiction for an easy everyday natural nude lip. It is a deeply nourishing balm and a lipstick in one, which makes it a must-have for lazy makeup summer days. As a nude lip devotee, this gets my seal of approval. 

My Butter Cream shade is Caramel.