Saturday Blues

I am glad we can all finally be on the same page - Spring While I guiltily tried to resist posting too many warm weather outfits, at least the calendar has officially switched and we can all embrace the shedding of layers. One of my all time favorite joys of living in Southern California is the farmer's markets which I frequent on a weekly basis. Anyone who lives here and doesn't  is depriving themselves of one those most inspiring, colorful, and delicious experiences. Besides having the best produce and  flowers, all at reasonable prices, it is rewarding to be supporting local farmers. And as someone who loves to cook, it is satisfying to use the best seasonal ingredients. Shopping at the farmer's market requires function meeting fashion. While I am a true live-and-die high heel girl at heart, I have been embracing my Jack Purcell's as well as a Provence tote as a carry-all for my finds. Can you believe this bouquet of white lilacs? A cashmere tee and white jeans are new staples that I know will become go-to classics.