CC Valentine's Gift Guide

Look no further boys and girls, I have got you covered this V-Day. Whether you are looking to drop  a few hints to a significant other or treat yourself to a little something special (champagne truffles and champagne are a must), here is a fool proof list of things guaranteed to wow.    

  1.  Champagne – A must, right? Enough said.
  2.  Chocolate Truffles – Choose a handpicked box from a local chocolatier.
  3.  Flowers – A gorgeous bouquet of flowers in her favorite color. Think hot pink                              roses and tulips or a bunch of red magenta peonies (no red roses - yawn!)
  4.  Something Lacy – Lingerie is a Valentine standby, so think outside the box                                  with a lacy bodysuit or silk chemise. Think La Perla or Agent Provocateur. 
  5.  Jewelry – Jewelry is so personal. I always think simple is better in this instance,                           unless diamonds are on the horizon. (See this Repossi Ring.)
  6.  Candle – Everything by candlelight is better. What could be more  à propos?
  7. A lipstick – Nothing is better gift to yourself than a beautiful lipstick  for your                            clutch. Apply more than necessary. In the mood for red? Try Charlotte Tilbury                      Lipstick in Love Bite.