CC Gift Guide | The Men


Every year I always have fun picking out stuff for the boys. I love seeing what is newest and greatest.  This category has particular meaning this year as I am launching something very exciting in January. Stay Tuned...

Sleepy Jones Flannel Plaid Robe ($330) | A soft and cozy flannel robe is an underrated clothing essential that you will look forward to putting on after a long day and those early chilly mornings. Sleepy Jones has lots of amazing loungewear choices for the guys this year. 

Tom Dixon 'London' Copper Candle ($80) | Even the manliest of men enjoy a candle around the house. This one is especially cool created by London designer, Tom Dixon, who is known for his contemporary pieces. I love the copper container which can be reused once the candle has been completely burned.

David Spade Almost Interesting ($20) | Available in hard copy or audio (which I highly suggest!) Almost Interesting's modest title tells a carefully selected series of stories from the comedians early years to getting on SNL and beyond. All told in a fantastically entertaining and hilarious way,  if I do say so myself, but I may be a little biased.

McCrea's Single Malt Scotch Caramels ($15) | Scotch + Caramel. I think I'm done here. A clever stocking stuffer.

This is Ground Original Tech Dopp Kit (starts at $99) | Everything about this brand is innovative and smart. In the techie world, it's hard to keep every charger and cord organized, here is the solution to that problem.

Tom DIxon Arc Brass Bottle Opener ($60) | You will surely impress a date opening a bottle of beer with this little work of art. 

Vince 'Alberto' Chukka Suede Boots ($395) | Every man needs a classic pair of suede boots. These will pair with the most casual of outfits to something a little more dressy. I love the color. 

Carry On Cocktail Kit 'The Moscow Mule' ($24) | Who doesn't love a cocktail on the go? Slip this into a carry on and all of sudden traveling never looked so great.  

Noble Bourbon Maple Syrup (starts at $29) | A stack of pancakes needs a fabulous maple syrup. This one has an added boozy kick to it. 

The Good Flock Dopp Kit ($69) |  Every couple of years, a guy needs a dopp kit upgrade. I love the ease of this dopp kit. It comes in waxed denim and waxed canvas.

Grown Alchemist Intensive Body Cream ($31) | Formulated with botanical ingredients, this rich cream offers intense skin hydration. 

Flannel Plaid Robe, Sleepy Jones

Copper Candle, Tom Dixon

Almost Interesting, David Spade

Single Malt Scotch Caramels, McCrea's

Tech Dopp Kit, This is Ground Original

Arc Bottle Opener, Tom Dixon

Suede Boot, Vince

The Moscow Mule, Carry On Cocktail Kit

Bourbon Maple Syrup, Noble

Intensive Body Cream, Grown Alchemist

Dopp Kit, The Good Flock