Sunday Musings

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. The weather was warm, but not too hot here finally, and I am starting to feel those first twinges of feeling homesick for a New England fall. Leaves starting to change color, a crisp nip in the air, apple cider donuts. and apples dipped in hot caramel. So this morning, biscuits would have to make do instead. A family recipe makes these come out golden and flakey every time. Paired with some homemade apricot jam sent from my grandmother up North and some tupelo honey picked up in Savannah this summer. (PS if are ever visiting the charming city of Savannah, definitely worth stopping by the Savannah Bee Company!) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a click through of some fun and interesting links I have been liking below.  

·     Sunday isn’t Sunday without a fabulous pair of these silk pale pink pajamas

  This 2016 planner is lovely (I just saw them in person at Sugar Paper)

·      The Dior show in Paris looked incredible especially the mountain covered in delphiniums that took 100 hours to construct

·      Beautylish is selling my absolute must-have makeup remover with a pump top

·      Restoration Hardware just launched RH Modern

·      Verve Coffee just opened it latest brand on third street, the space is great!