Nudestix Brow Kit


Brows have been the focus in beauty these past few seasons, thanks to fuller brows on the runway and a return back to natural looking brows. THANK GOD.  Nudestix is a brand I have long raved about. The easy-to-use pencils make makeup a breeze and I have gotten everyone from my Mom to strangers who have stopped to ask what I am wearing hooked! So I was extremely excited with the launch of their latest brow products. I have tried many brow pencils over the years, but the Nudestix Stylus Pencil & Gel takes the cake in terms of design and function. On one end is an angled pencil, making it easy to create the shape you want whether it be simply filling in sparse areas or creating a full-on brow. On the other end, is a brow gel with the most perfect little wand. On quick days, I will just use a swipe of the gel to give brows a polished look. If stubborn brows are a problem, the brow wax keeps them in place and sometimes I will layer over the pencil. If you are in the market for a new brow routine, I highly suggest taking a look at these.



PS : If you are in the Los Angeles area this weekend, come join Monsieur Alex, Makeup by DG, and I at the Sephora Beverly Hills to discuss the latest Fall trends, as well as these new brow products. Would love to meet you! X