The Modern Appetizer Edit

Having had the chance to entertain a little bit more in the past few weeks, I have been experimenting with some different starters. But what I have learned is the art of a simple and modern appetizer plate is a beautiful thing. It is always the first to go! Check out my tips below. 


THE CHEESES | Select a few different cheeses. My go-to's are a Triple Cream, a Gouda (I love Robusto,)  a Blue Cheese , and an optional fourth. Sometimes I like a goat cheese, but lately I have been loving a Cabot Cheddar. It is helpful to frequent a local cheese shop to get some true expertise and ask their advice about what pairs nicely together. 

THE CRACKERS | I love the ones by La Panzanella, they are crisp and light. I also love some of the Raincoast Crisp Crackers in different flavors. My favorite are the Fig and Olive.

THE MEATS | The addition of charcuterie is a great complement to the cheese. Above, I used a soppressatta, but I also like to use parma ham, prosciutto, chorizo, or a pâté . Ask your butcher or cheesemonger to thinly slice them for you.

THE EXTRAS : I always love to have a mix of green and kalamata olives and cornichons, as well as some seasonal fruit. In the winter, I will typically have pears and apples, but right now it is fig season! Other delicious additions include marcona almonds or pecans, local honey, and local jam. 

THE DESIGN : Grouping the ingredients into sections is nice and easy access for guests. It also makes it simple to replenish once supplies start wearing a little thin. The addition of fig leaves or herbs, gives the plates an overall finished look without it looking too fussy.