Paris Perfect


I know they call it 'Spring Cleaning,' but they should really call it 'New Year's Cleaning' in my opinion. I always start to get stir crazy with my home after the Holidays. After packing away the ornaments and taking down the Christmas tree, I feel ready for a change. I go through my clothes, my makeup cabinet (yes cabinet, I need help!), every book and magazine, even unused kitchen supplies and pair down to the essentials! But then I look around and want to revamp everything. I have been obsessed with interiors as of late, especially this Parisian bedroom picture below, which I have had in my files for a few years. The simplicity and of the linen headboard, paired with the architectural moldings and chevron wooden floor is perfection in my opinion. Here are my choices for a little home refresh. 



(1) image here, (2) © Caitlin Confidential