Winter Lip Savior

Bite Beauty's Agave Lip Mask was always on my beauty radar, but I was turned off because the packaging was always so leaky at my local Sephora. Over the holidays, in desperate need of some lip relief, I decided to check it out again and to my delight it had been re-packaged! It nows come in a sleek and compact, leak-proof tube, easy to slip in a pocket or handbag. While the Original version is clear, they introduced versions in Champagne Pearl and Smashed, a red-wine tint. The formulation of this balm is unlike anything I have ever tried and the true genius of it is it's lasting power. I always feel like I am re-applying and re-applying regular lip balms, but once this once on your lips, stays put for hours. Perfect for travel, a long day in the sun or snow, it has become of those products I don't ever want to be without. 



Caitlin ConfidentialComment