Oldie, but Goodie


When I reflect, I have a whole collection of memories surrounding makeup- trying on your mother's lipsticks, the smell of your first perfume, getting your face all done up for a school dance. 

Somewhere within that pool of memories, I distinctly remember my sister and I at the Bobbi Brown counter purchasing our very first Shimmer Brick, a product I still use to this day. I may have had them all then- Beige, Bronze, Pink Quartz, and Nectar, but the one I remembered the most was the shade Sandstone. It was this perfect combination of warm opalescent colors, that when swirled together created a knock-out highlight to the top of the cheekbones. I don't know if it was Limited-Edition at the time, but I used it until the bitter end, until the pan was left with nothing but the faintest trace of golden shimmer. 

Lo and Behold! The Sandstone Shimmer Brick has been resurrected! It has been re-packaged and is part of the Smokey Nudes Collection for Fall 2014. Note: It is Limited-Edition! So unless you want to be like me, reminiscing 10 plus years later, it may even be worth a back-up purchase. 

Available Here.