Beauty Blender: Revisited

I always mention how my beauty addiction is on another level. Name a product or a brand and I have a tried it and can give you a complete breakdown on the pros & cons, the longevity, the pigmentation, etc. The best part of trying a rotation of new products is going back to old favorites. Within my beauty wardrobe (I will have to show you some day), I had a few spare beauty blenders that were being unused. I had just been on a shoot where the makeup artist had used one and I loved the look of the foundation, so I decided to break mine out again. Now I cannot imagine my makeup routine without them! They really give the most natural, but polished look to the skin. After dampening and ringing out the excess water, I tap into my foundation (currently: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation) and stipple all over the skin. Skin looks dewy and fresh. Next on my list: Beautyblender has just introduced their micro mini sponges for concealing under the eye, highlighting, and contouring.