Muji Must-haves


To say that I love Muji is an understatement, as soon as I step through its doors, my mind instantly relaxes at the sight of such perfect and divine organization. The clean-lined Japanese aestethic brings me peace of mind and I am already mentally noting what I need to throw away at home. Here is minimalism at its best.  I used to only be able to get my Muji fix when I would be in New York, but they have just opened their biggest STORE yet in Hollywood. 

Entering Muji, I always head straight to my favorite section: Health and Beauty, of course. They have every essential covered for all of your makeup and product organization needs. For travel, I exclusively use their containers to decant my most precious lotions and potions which I then place in one of their clear cases making it quick and easy to pack and unpack. 

My latest obsession is their cotton pads, they are superbly soft and ideal for removing eye makeup at the end of the day. Plus for a big package of 120, it is $2.25! You can't get that price at a drug store. A new discovery is the cleansing cotton buds. It is a Q-tip soaked in makeup remover, you twist in the middle and pull off one of the ends to use, while placing the  protected half back in your handbag for touch-ups. I cannot tell you how much I have relied on these!

Have you ever been to Muji?