A Blogger's Essentials

I have not been up to my usual standard of posts due to photo shoots, interviews, and other commitments, but today I was back at my desk organizing my next few posts.

This is a view of my desk:

  • Laptop
  • A constant stream of products to review: Charlotte Tilbury is up next.
  • My notebook filled with a never-ending lists of ideas,  to-do's, and scheduling. 
  • Editorials- I am always revisting old editiorials for inspiration. I still love this French Vogue editorial of Gisele. 
  • A cup of tea and chocolate, of course, both ginger as I am in the Autumnal mood.
  • Flowers, Flowers, Flowers. No matter what I always have some sort of flowers on my desk. My favorites are peonies, roses, lilacs in spring, dahlias, and french tulips. 
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