Bare-Faced Beauty

 Nobody loves makeup more than me but even I get sick of the daily ritual of putting it on and taking it off. So for days I feel like minimal effort I go straight to these products. After using a good moisturizer, I use a few drops of Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup. It's a pigmented oil, easy to smooth over the face and it evens the skin tone. Next I reach for rms Beauty Un-Cover Up in 22 for concealing. It is creamy, covering and 100% natural. For the eyes, a slick of rms Beauty cream eyeshadow in Lunar, a champagne beige color, a quick curl of the eyelashes, and mascara if I am in the mood. To give skin a bronze glow, I finish it off with a swipe from the Nars Multiple in St. Barts and a dab of Chanel Blush de Creme in Inspiration. A little lip balm and I am out the door, without having used a single brush. The key to a beautiful natural face is to stick with cream products that blend seamlessly upon application and give skin a lit-from-within look.