RMS Beauty

I had written a past post on RMS Beauty, but since then I have tried out the line even more and I cannot get enough. I love to use these little pots of perfection on a daily basis when I want a really natural look. The best part is knowing that these products are good for the skin and you can tell that immediately when you start using them. They are nourishing, healing, and soothing. There are no perfumey scents, no fancy packaging, just beautifully crafted products that deliver results. RMS goes beyond paying attention to detail using raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their natural state and that is why they are completely unique. 


Cream Eyeshadows in Solar and Lunar- Nourishing shadows with good pigmentation. Solar is a beautiful golden bronze, while Lunar is a champagne pearl shimmer that works perfectly as a highlight. 

Lip Shines in Bloom and Sacred- Hydrating lip balms with a wash of color. Bloom is a pale petal pink, while Sacred gives a just bitten raspberry red look. (I like to use these on my cheeks as well).

The Un-Cover Up in Shade 22- This is one of my must haves. It doesn't look like much in the pot, but the formula is highly pigmented and creamy. You can use it as an all over foundation, but I just use it on areas of the face I want to cover up. It is great for under eyes as it is intensely hydrating and doesn't crease. But the best part is that allows your skin to breath and be nourished. Even the lightest foundations are masking the skin to some effect, while this is rejuvenating and bettering the skin as you wear it. 

Living Luminizer- Hands Down Favorite Highlighter Ever. (Read Post on this HERE).

Raw Coconut Cream- Coconut oil is all the rage, RMS Beauty's version is cold-pressed and freshly harvested. This is the multi-tasker of all multi-taskers. It is amazing at removing makeup, even the most stubborn eye makeup, as an all over cleanser using a hot cloth, and as a moisturizer for hair and body. I like to use it at night as a moisturizer, but I also like to rub a little into my eyelashes. It is great use on the ends of hair, so shampoo doesn't strip the ends of all its moisture. Put a teaspoon into a hot bath for extra hydration or mix a little with sugar for a DIY lip scrub, the uses are endless! I have used other coconut oils in the past and this one is definitely superior. The Bonus? It smells like an Almond Joy. I can't get enough!

MUST-HAVES: Living Luminizer, the Un-Coverup, and the Raw Coconut Cream. 

Next on my List: RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer