Aesop Tales


Aesop  is an Australian brand I have been curious about for some time. Their philosophy combines plant-based as well as laboratory made ingredients. They are paraben and toxin-free, and do not not use any synthetic fragrances.  I had been into their old-school pharmacy feel shop on Newbury Street in Boston once before, but didn’t know much about them at the time besides their unique packaging and the clean herbal scent that fills the store.

After hearing a few rave reviews about their Parsely Seed Antioxidant Face Mask, as well their Resurrection Hand Balm, from British beauty blogger, Vivianna Does Makeup, I popped into the shop to get a better idea what the brand was all about. The girl was lovely who helped me when I had inquired about the mask and after asking a few questions about my skin type she then directed me to the products she felt would best suit me. She proceeded to use the skincare range on the back my hand explaining the benefits and uses of each one. She kindly sent me away with some samples to try out on my skin to see how I would like. I will report back on these. 

While I was there, I picked up the  Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm  and  Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash. They are all around pleasant, with a clean tangerine scent, very moisturizing, and an excellent skincare duo for your hands, especially while traveling. Overall, I look forward to exploring more of this brand and highly recommend the products I have tried thus far. 

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