Sleepy Jones


Introducing Sleepy Jones, where fashion and sleepwear meet. The 'not quite ready-to-wear' label was designed by creative mastermind Andy Spade (co-founder of Kate Spade and brother of comedian and partner, David Spade), along with his longtime collaborator Anthony Sperduti.

The line, inspired by the lifestyles of artists, launched this Spring at New York's Lafayette House in the East Village, where Sleepy Jones hosted a 24 hour 'Sleep In,' which I was lucky enough to witness first hand.

It was an artistic spectacle with everything from reading and painting, to contemporary dancers and Brooklyn band, The Boos, not to mention GQ's Glenn O'Brien elegantly reclining in a mahogany bed, all clad in head-to-toe Sleepy Jones, of course. It brought out New York's finest creative types as well as hipsters galore. This was one party you didn't want to miss. 

Lucky for me, Sleepy Jones was kind enough to send me a selection of their beautiful,  "can't get out of" clothing.  I may or may not have worn my pale blue Pajama Top while perusing the aisles of Whole Foods.)  These are the pieces that you have always pictured yourself lazing around in on a Sunday, and now you can. While you're at it, you can upgrade your boyfriend into a pair of their Jasper striped boxer shorts and slept-in soft Jackson T-shirts.

.Sleepy Jones encourages pondering in your underwear, and I am all for that. 

DSC04582 - Version 2.JPG

Sale is on now, so swoop up some essentials and look out for new Fall arrivals soon! Visit Sleepy Jones Here.

Here are my must-haves: