rms beauty

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I have been dying to try 100% natural and organic rms beauty ever since I first heard about it. Created by renowned makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift when she started experiencing health problems and learned of the high toxic levels of aluminum, mercury, pesticides, and other chemicals in her body from working in the  cosmetics industry for 20 years. After realizing the extent that cosmetics can seriously affect one's health, she set out to make a healthy beauty line, where they proudly tell you every ingredient used. 

I decided to order their best-selling product, the Living Luminizer($38), a gorgeous, sheer illuminator. This is unlike any other highlighter I have used as it blends in and enhances the skin giving it a healthy glow, as opposed to others that just settle unnaturally on top of the skin. 

I also tried the Cream Eyeshadow in Solar($28), a warm antique golden bronze. I couldn't believe how pigmented and light-reflecting it was. The shadow is moisturizing, as it does not settle into fine lines, but also stays in place.

This line is so gorgeous, I almost cannot believe it is 100% natural! I love that these products allow you to create a beautiful makeup look without sacrificing color or quality. Next on my list to try is the 'Un' Coverup, lip2cheek in Smile, and the raw coconut cream makeup remover. 

Check rmsbeauty.com products and ingredients list.  


(Left) rms beauty Eyeshadow in Solar (Right) rms beauty Living Luminizer