Tata Harper


I have long been meaning to talk about a brand that has forever changed my skin and my whole mentality towards the beauty industry in general and that is Tata Harper. Tata Harper is a 100% Natural and Non-Toxic, highly effective and concentrated brand. They are their own manufacturers, creating small batches in their Vermont laboratories instead of cutting cost and quality with mass production. 

One year ago, I was going through a rough patch with my skin. It was extremely sensitive, breaking out, and I did everything I could to try and fix it. Finally at my wit's end, I decided to throw away all my products (containing harsh ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, etc)  and to switch to things only containing pure all-natural ingredients. This may sound simple, but it took much research as so many brands market themselves as "all-natural" and yet one look at the ingredient list and it is impossible to identify one thing. 

I had read about Tata Harper, investigated the brand and decided to purchase their Refreshing Cleanser. After one use, I got it! The cleanser almost feels like a cream - one pump massaged over the skin activates the enzymes, and you are left with restored skin that feels calm and soothed, not stripped and tight. A bonus is the gorgeous citrus scent that is derived from a natural essential oil blend. (I can never smell  synthetic fragrances again!) With the use of the cleanser, wearing little makeup, and moisturizing with Egyptian Magic (see post here), my skin cleared up and felt healed. A year later, my skin has never felt or looked better and I truly attribute this to making an active decision to get rid of synthetic and chemical ingredients.

You will not be disappointed with Tata Harper and I can't wait to explore more of her beautiful products. 

If you think about it, we use so many products on ourselves over the years, sometimes twice a day, everyday. I want to make sure that these are not threatening to my health and being in any way.And as I research more and more, I find it rewarding to be able to use as many real, whole ingredients from nature rather then those mass produced in a laboratory somewhere. I will be posting more and more about other ways I have incorporated these philosophies into my life.