Burberry Kisses

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 2.42.52 PM.png

Burberry and Google have teamed up to create a digital postcard using Google Maps. Through a series of immersive events, one can send a postcard from your town or city to the recipient of your choice. When you head to kisses.burberry.com, you will be prompted to turn on your web cam and capture a kiss that is then sealed on the envelope (see above.) You can opt to turn on the lip color and choose one of Burberry's lipsticks in 5 shades. I went for classic red, using Union Red No. 17. Next you write a quick note, type in the recipient's name and email, and off your 'sealed with a kiss' letter goes on it's virtual journey. Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey says it's a way to give technology "a bit of heart and soul."

Watch the  "Introducing Burberry Kisses" video below.