Warm Embrace


I am an avid bath lover especially in the colder months when needing a little warming up. I love the whole ritual of taking the time to enjoy a bath complete with candles, a good book, and a favorite luxurious face mask. For me, its a time to zone out and relax.  I thought I had my bath time down to an art until I recently discovered Kniepp Warm Embrace Bath($20).  You pour a capful into a hot bath and prepare for the aromatherapeutic scent of ginger and cardamom to take effect while the macadamia oil and honey essence leave the water silky and you feeling moisturized.  I have become completely addicted and can't imagine a bath without it now. It is relaxing, comforting, and smells spicy and sweet, perfect for this time of year! I highly suggest getting a bottle for yourself or for someone you know for a wonderful holiday gift.

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