Organic Avenue Cucumber Juice


Hi, my name is Caitlin and I'm a cucumber juice-aholic. Oh I know - THAT just gets your mouth watering!  But believe me, this stuff is good!

I first tried cucumber juice when I randomly stopped into an Organic Avenue shop, a well known company that produces cold-pressed organic juices . And while I am certainly not one for detoxes, cleanses, or anything where you are not allowed to eat for 5 days,  I have found I really do enjoy a green juice.  And I am really going crazy for these cucumber ones! 

While I was perusing the many colorful rows of juices, I was curious to see the bottles labeled cucumber juice.  I asked the shop guy, "Hey, What's up with the cucumber juice?" He then proceeded to explain the many health benefits which I half-listened to, until I  snapped back to attention when he offered up this intriguing piece of info: “All the actresses and models come in daily to get them. They swear by it and  say its amazing for their skin.” At first I wanted to say, "Which actresses? I need specifics!" But then I wanted to say, "Listen that was a great sales pitch and all, but you may just want to jump to the bit about radiant skin and looking like a supermodel." Nevertheless I was sold and haven’t looked back since.

And now,I find I am actually starting to CRAVE them. I repeat, crave cucumber juice! Not a champagne cocktail, but the actual juice of a cucumber. (Even I can't believe what I'm typing.)

I'm not someone who easily buys into hypes, but this juice really lives up to the juice guy's pitch. It actually makes you feel great and with benefits like glowing skin, sign me up!

And for those of you who like to read labels and know exactly what you are getting, here is information straight from  Organic Avenue’s website:

Refreshing, cleansing cucumber juice is not only a tasty, gentle way to start your body's day, it's also one of the healthiest. Though the pale green flesh is mostly water, it also contains vitamin C and caffeic acid, an anti-inflammatory. The hard outside skin (also included in our juice), contains fiber, and minerals including silica (great for healthy skin), potassium, and magnesium.

Available at Organic Avenue